Video as a message

Maximize your sales and support efforts by engaging with your customers through our smart video platform.

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Increase click-through-rates

Sales teams have seen an increase of click-through-rates by 65%.

Create human interactions

People do business with people, make a strong and human impression.

Explain and visualize

Support teams break down customers' issues and solve them quickly.

Some of our Vaambassadors

When to use Vaam

Show proposals to your clients and send the same vaam to several people simultaneously.

Niklas Berntzon,Founding partner at ESNY

Record your screen and tell your story as if you were in the same room.

Martina Klingvall Holmström,CEO & Founder at Telness

Collaborate asynchronously through distance and time with your teams.

Mikael Brandt,Senior developer at Vaam
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