How video helps me crush my sales targets

Josef FallesenCEO and Co-founder of Vaam

When you work in sales, you love face-to-face meetings. People are more honest, more agreeable, and more willing to do deals when you meet them up close — but getting into someone’s calendar has always been challenging. And it has only gotten harder since a global pandemic forced us to move most activities online.

Did you know that sales reps, on average, spend 36% of their time on the phone or typing emails? Of course, you have to be able to advance and close deals remotely. But you know as well as we do that getting someone on the phone is a lottery. And email makes the whole act of selling and buying less personal. It almost completely removes your most significant asset from the calculation: you.

Video for sales can help you fix these problems. Read our blog post about using video to crush your sales targets and watch my vaam below. 👇

The personal help customers need from us

Martin Apiwat ErikssonCustomer Success at Vaam

Speaking daily with our users, I have realized how much easier it is to record a short video and show people how to solve their issues, rather than trying to explain it in writing.

The other day I received a question about how to post a linked gif in an email. Here is my reply:

Check it out!

Gohar AvagyanCPO and Co-founder of Vaam

By now most of us have our routines for how to work efficiently in a remote setting. One of the ways for us to stay connected is to post a daily check-out. Here's a check-out from me to keep the team updated:

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